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A comprehensive listing of services geared toward those individuals who are uninsured, uninsurable or underinsured. Support areas include HIV/AIDS, abortion, abortion alternatives, cancer, dental care, eye care, home care, medical equipment, occupational and physical therapy, pre-and post natal care. Additionally, information is included on not-for-profit organizations that offer information and applications for Medicaid, Medicare, Florida KidCare and other insurance programs.

AIDS/HIV Testing Sites

Community Health of South Dade 305-252-4840

Economic Opportunity Family Health Center Family Health Center North 305-694-6900

Economic Opportunity Family Health Center Flamingo Health Center 305-887-0004

Economic Opportunity Family Health Center James E. Scott Satellite Center 305-835-8122

Economic Opportunity Family Health Center Jessie Trice Center 305-637-6400

Florida International University HIV/AIDS Education Prevention Center 305-348-4080

Jackson Memorial Hospital / Public Health Trust South Miami Health Center 305-669-6903

Jefferson Reaves Health Center 305-577-0093

Lock Towns Community Mental Health Center / HIV Services 305-628-8981

Miami Beach Community Health Center 305-538-8835

Miami-Dade Health Department Anonymous HIV Testing 305-377-5022

Miami-Dade Health Department Miami Beach Prevention, Education and Treatment (PET) 305-535-5540

Miami-Dade Health Department Office of HIV/AIDS 305-470-6999

Miami-Dade Health Department Quail Roost Clinic 305-278-0310

Miami-Dade Health Department Refugee Health Screening Facility 305-643-7300

Miami-Dade Health Department STD/HIV/Tuberculosis / Little River 305-754-6821

Miami-Dade Health Department STD/HIV/Tuberculosis Clinic / Downtown 305-324-2422

Planned Parenthood Association of Greater Miami Family Planning Clinic 305-285-5532

Planned Parenthood Association of Greater Miami Jean D. Shehan Family Planning Clinic 305-285-5535

Planned Parenthood Association of Greater Miami North Miami Family Planning Clinic 305-895-7756

Planned Parenthood Association of Greater Miami South Dade Family Planning Clinic 305-238-8344

Planned Parenthood Association of Greater Miami Teen Clinic 305-285-7911

South Shore Hospital 305-672-2100

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