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Basic Needs
This section contains organizations that provide services to those with basic need issues. Basic needs include:Clothing, emergency aid, emergency shelter, money management / financial aid, food, housing, Social Security and transportation.

Emergency Aid (Rent/Utilities)

A Woman's Place Mental Health Center Drop-in Center for Homeless Women 305-358-2063

BellSouth / Telephone Discount / Lifeline and Linkup Program 305-780-2355

Catholic Charities Emergency Services 866-758-0025

Coalition of Florida Farmers Organization (COFFO) 305-246-0357

Economic Opportunities Family Health Center 305-637-6400

Food for Life Network / Nutritional Counseling and Referral 305-576-3663

Hunger Hotline 800-329-3663

Jewish Community Services of South Florida / Financial Assistance 305-899-1587

Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Centers / Rafael Villaverde Center 305-858-2610

Lock Towns Community Mental Health Center / HIV Services 305-628-8981

Mercy Hospital / Special Immunology Services 305-285-2994

Miami Beach Housing Authority 305-532-6401

Miami-Dade Community Action Agency 305-347-4600

Miami-Dade Department of Human Services 305-514-6000

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau 305-375-2196

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau Blanche Morton / Hialeah 305-884-4801

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau Caleb Center 305-636-2200

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau Culmer 305-438-4161

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau Edison / West Little River 305-758-9662

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau Florida City / Homestead 305-247-2068

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau Frankie Shannon Rolle / Coconut Grove 305-446-3311

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau Miami Beach 305-673-7077

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau Naranja 305-258-5471

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance Bureau Opa-Locka 305-623-6500

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance BureauAllapattah 305-547-4960

Miami-Dade Neighborhood Assistance BureauWynwood 305-547-7661

Miami-Dade Public Interment Services 305-545-2422

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center Overtown Family Enrichment Center 305-573-9727

Pierre Toussaint Haitian Center / Family and Emergency Assistance 305-759-3050

Salvation Army / Family Services 305-637-6720

Sisters of Bon Secours / Project Good Help 305-758-4197

St. Ann's Mission / Emergency Food and Clothing 305-258-3968

St. Joachim / Social Services 305-758-0024

St. Vincent De Paul / Temporary Assistance 305-691-0117

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