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Mental Health Care
This network of professional organizations address a whole spectrum of mental health issues for all ages. This section lists community health centers and private, non-profit organizations that provide free, comprehensive services addressing such issues as suicide, substance abuse, crisis, depression and institutionalization. They offer outpatient and residential, individual, group and family counseling services.

Mental Health/Drop-in Centers







Bayview Center for Mental Health 305-892-4600

Bayview Center for Mental Health 24-Hour Crisis Stabilization Unit 305-691-4357

Bayview Center for Mental Health Residential / Transitions 954-966-4185

Center for Family and Child Enrichment / Residential Group Care 305-624-7450

Children Have All Rights: Legal, Educational, Emotional (CHARLEE) Family Care Program 305-665-7365

Children's Home Society of Florida / American Children's Home 305-254-9759

Children's Psychiatric Center / Residential Program 305-273-9061

Citrus Health Network 305-825-0300

Community Health of South Dade / Community Mental Health Center 24-Hour Crisis Stabilization 305-252-4865

Community Health of South Dade / Community Mental Health Centers 305-253-5100

Community Treatment Systems 305-665-6445

Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center 305-531-5341

Eckerd Youth Alternatives / Eckerd's Wilderness Camps 727-461-2990

Fellowship House / Residential Services 305-667-1036

Florida Department of Children and Families / Adult Mental Health 305-377-5029

Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches / Residential Group Care 954-572-0160

Jackson Memorial Hospital Mental Health Emergency Services 305-355-7000

Lock Towns Community Mental Health Center 24-Hour Crisis Stabilization 305-681-2631

Lock Towns Community Mental Health Center Serenity Program 305-769-0244

Miami Behavioral Health Center / Residential Services 305-643-8000

Miami Children's Hospital / Department of Psychiatry 305-666-6511

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center 305-635-7444

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